Djodje is an Cape Verdean (small archipelago of Africa ) singer-songwriter based in Portugal.

With almost 20 years of career Djodje started singing at age 12 and now has 3 albums and several hit singles. 
Today is one of the biggest stars of lusophony with more than 150 million views on youtube and more than 300 thousand followers in social networks.
Internationally awarded, he has a soft and strong voice that conveys emotion and makes you want to dance to the rhythm of Kizomba and AfroPop.

Latest Single


Live At Coliseu de Lisboa

On March 11 of 2017, Djodje made a memorable concert in one of the most prestigious Lisbon concert hall in Portugal. this video shows excerpts from the sold-out concert with an audience of more than 5000 people completely surrendered to the artist's talent.


Dói Demais



Djodje has shaken the music industry with his incredible music. If you would like to schedule a Djodje presentation, please contact us.

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